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Dear Members and Friends,

The 2002 NPWS show and Frank Webb workshop were a tremendous success. Thank you again to all the members who worked together to ensure that everything flowed smoothly. It is because of everyone's willingness to participate that we had an excellent event. 

Your Board has been very active over the last months in preparation for the 2003 show in September. We are finalizing the details for this year's show and workshop. I am excited because we have added a new dimension this year by having a slideshow and critique the night before the judging and opening reception. Our juror will be able to discuss slides and explain techniques and values before the actual judging takes place. From the artistic standpoint this is very satisfying compared to trying to hear over the large crowd in the small gallery. 

Judy Morris will be focusing on texture and light techniques. She has a positive attitude and great sense of humor and is looking forward to her first trip to the Black Hills. Keep painting outside the lines and don't forget to enter the show.

Susan Jones, President NPWS


Our membership year starts in June, so dues will be due in June of each year. The requirement for signature membership is to have been juried into two annual NPWS exhibitions within a five year period, to have been a member at that time, and to keep your membership current. Being a member also entitles you to reduced show and workshop fees, and to receive these newsletters.


I was a novice at unpacking pictures for our 2002 NPWS show. Boxes and boxes of pictures sat on the floor at Prairie Edge. Most impressed me by how sturdy and neat the boxes were. These passionate painters were protecting their precious products with parental affection with no regard for price. However, one box, ordinary enough on the outside but with turmoil and typhoons on the inside, was like a jungle adventure. 

First, the picture inside was wrapped in bubble wrap. No, it was not wrapped. It was plastered. Actually, patched would be the most accurate word, but the negative connotation of patched would not be fitting for a prize work of art. So we're back to plastered. All sizes and shapes, scraps and morsels, to be specific, of bubble wrap haphazardly sealed with Scotch tape. The tape and the bubble wrap clung to my sleeves and hands as I removed them. 

Next were pieces of another kind of wrap, kind of like bubble wrap minus the bubbles. However, they weren't really NEXT. They were taped to the bubble wrap and to the frame and to the glass in the frame wherever the bubble wrap was missing. with tape. Yards of tape, which I considered to be wrap number 3. 

Last came the newspaper stuffed into the box like socks stuffed into a stuff bag when there is NO MORE ROOM. Do you know what NO means? The dictionary says: "not any; none; opposite of yes." Pulling out the first piece of newspaper was a Herculean task. The pressure on it from all its intimate neighbors in an enclosed place where there was NO MORE ROOM was like a bomb. It almost knocked me over. But I'm the kind of person whose determination increases in direct proportion to a challenge, so I stood my ground with sheer will power and pushed on. 

When I finally pulled the picture from the box, the floor was strewn with enough paper to fill a refrigerator. An NPWS member then informed me, "You have to save all the stuffing so you can use it to repack the picture for its return trip to its proud, anxious owner." That was when I decided not to show up on repacking day.

Jo Ann Pedersen


Our 7th Annual Watercolor show was a resounding success. What began over seven years ago by a small group of artists hoping to start a competition so regional artists could have a venue for entering bigger shows has developed into an event. Each year it has become better and better, growing in the number of quality entries, prize money awarded, and attendance. 

I truly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the past competitions, and I especially appreciate all of those who worked hard last year to put it all together. We are indeed fortunate to have the wonderful gallery at Prairie Edge to display our work. There were many comments about the marvelous historic building. The staff is so helpful and they work extremely hard in the hanging of the show all the way through to the packing and shipping the paintings back to the artists. A special thanks to Brenda Beal for all of her help. The community support and sponsors have been wonderful, and we want to thank Kelly Whitley for her help in getting sponsors for the prize money. 

We awarded over $5,000 in prizes this year. We attained non-profit status last year, which will help our sponsorships even more in the future. Our aim is to continue to use this show as a way for regional artists to learn about entering competitions. As we view the slides of all the entrants and realize how important the quality of the slide is to the acceptance of the work into the show, and as we unpack the paintings and understand the problems associated with poorly packed paintings, we come to understand that producing a good painting is just the beginning. 

This is a priceless educational experience each step of the way. That is why being involved with this organization has been very valuable to our growth as artists. We hope more of you will join in the fun in the coming months. Come to a meeting and enjoy the association with fellow artists.

Judy Lehner, President 2001-2002

  • NPWS Gold Brush Award
    Jim Gaither, Casper, WY Puerto Penasco I
  • NPWS Silver Brush Award
    Susan Luzier, Aberdeen, SD Santa Fe Bouquet
  • NPWS Bronze Brush Award
    Sandra Newman, Rapid City, SD Silence is Golden
  • Juror's Award
    Jan Fabian Wallake, Stillwater, MN Sun Runners
  • Sufficool Award
    Richard DuBois, Rapid City, SD All That Jazz
  • Sufficool Award
    Barbara Kuxhausen, Casper, WY Frosted Trees
  • United Corporation Award
    Kathy Sigle, Spearfish, SD Rope & Drag-Branding Day
  • United Corporation Award
    Judy LehnerRapid City, SD Hat Trick
  • Rapid City Medical Center LLP Award
    Jill Hartley, Rock Springs, WY Light Shadows
  • Barlow Award
    Wilma Wethington, Wichita, KS Brothers
  • Statz Award
    Marion Toillion, Spearfish, SD Autumn Glow
  • Jensen Award
    Kevin Wechbach, Denver, CO Denham Liquors
  • Colonial House R & B Award
    Joyce Johnson, Rapid City, SD Denham Liquors
  • 2002 Viewer's Choice Award
    Richard DuBois, Rapid City, SD All That Jazz


The workshop with Frank Webb was a great time of learning and painting. Frank's style stressed simple but strong compositions, a contained use of wet into wet technique, finally adding purposeful, limited detail. Frank entertained during his demonstrations utilizing his intellect and interesting sense of humor. We learned, not only from Frank, but also from one another. There's nothing like painting in a group to get the juices flowing! 

Everyone agreed that St. Martin's was a great place for a workshop, and those who stayed there were very satisfied with the accommodations and meals. The short day on Monday was the only part of the workshop that was considered a drawback. Be sure to check the information on the workshop with Judy Morris included with this newsletter, as well as the offering below.


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  • Susan Jones - President
  • Richard DuBois - First Vice President
  • Nancy Ashley - Second Vice President
  • Kay DuBois - Secretary
  • Judy Lehner - Treasurer
  • Judy Lehner - Past President
  • Dale Gunderson - Member-at-Large
  • Barb downen-Nerison - Member-at-Large
  • Joyce Johnson - Member-at-Large
  • JoAnn Pederson - Publicity Chairman
  • Kelly Vaughn-Whitley - Fund Raising

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